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bespoke gold catering tray

Your passport to decadent discoveries…

For the professional interior, floral or event designer, wedding planner, event rental company, hotelier, set decorator, & ALL creative individuals who desire a curated experience in customizing their designs with rich textiles, gorgeous paper, decadent décor, statement furniture, & Indo-infused handicrafts…this is your special place to indulge!

Every industry is ultimately driven by good product sourcing. 

The supply chain involves activities right from discussion of a product conceptualization to developing a sample for customizations.

How can you find the best products made in India?

Work with us!



We have 30 years of combined International experience in the TV/film, event, wedding, hospitality and interior design industries. We have seen the world through your eyes and understand the attention to detail needed to please discerning tastes. 

decorative gift bags
artificial garlands


We take the guesswork out of doing business in India. From sourcing the best materials for product development to supply chain management, we are your essential partner for quality assurance every step of the way. 



Focused exclusively on your needs, we personalize every interaction with our clients because we want to ensure your design goals are met. We monitor our client requests very carefully so no two brands are alike. We aim to bring you new and unique products to help you set your brand apart.

wholesale event supplies

Questions? Let's talk so we can discover your needs and come up with an amazing, creative solution.

Or simply visit our shop, make your selections, and we will send you a quote.

Be sure to create your account first so you can save your wishlist and track your orders!

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